You have expressed interest in getting vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus). We are here to provide you with the appropriate information so you can make a well-informed decision. 


You must meet the following requirements in order to be vaccinated at the vaccination centre at the Congress Center Basel:

  • You are registered as living in Basel-City
  • You belong to the current target group:
    1st People over the age of 75 should have priority access to vaccination.
    2nd Adults with chronic illnesses (aka «previous illnesses») are at the highest risk

If you belong to the risk group, you should bring a confirmation from your GP or attending physician. If you are unable to reach your doctor over the holiday, you can discuss this with our doctor on site. Please do not send us any documents (medical records or discharge reports). These will be deleted due to data privacy regulations.

If you meet one of these two points, you can book an appointment here.

If you have any issues with booking and need support,

please call us on the following toll-free number:

0800 555 655 (for bookings via telephone only) 

Please print out, read and complete the following forms and bring them with you

in order to ensure that your visit to Hall 4 of the Congress Center Basel (Messeplatz 21)

is as pleasant and problem-free as possible.

Coronavirus and vaccination factsheet
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 314.6 KB
Declaration of consent for vaccination
(including medical questionnaire)
Schutzimpfung Covid 19 – Einverständnise
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 277.4 KB

Please complete the questionnaire legibly and in full. 


  • The vaccination comprises two separate doses, the second of which is administered after approx. four weeks. You will be given a second appointment while at the vaccination centre.
  • If you are experiencing fever/feeling feverish, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, or are feeling unwell on the day of your vaccination appointment, please do not come. Your temperature will also be measured at registration using an infrared device.
  • Please bring your health insurance card with you for identification purposes. This will enable us to check your eligibility with regard to place of residence.

The vaccination centre is run by the medical company Meconex. In addition to the medical staff who will administer the vaccination, a doctor will also be available to answer your questions. 


You can contact us in advance with any questions you may have:


Congress Center Basel,
Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel

Tel. 0800 555 655

(gratis, nur für Buchungen per Telefon) 


von 08.00 bis 20.00 Uhr