You have expressed an interest in a vaccination for COVID-19. Here, you will find all the key information about registration for the vaccination. Please read it carefully. 


You must meet the following requirements in order to be vaccinated at the vaccination centre at the Congress Center Basel: 


You are registered as living in Basel-Stadt. Only residents of Basel can be vaccinated at the vaccination centre in Basel.   


As supplies of the vaccine are currently very limited, only the following target groups can be vaccinated:

Target group 1:

You are aged 75 years or older (born in 1946 or earlier)

Target group 2:

You are aged 18 to 75 years (born in 2003 or earlier) and have a chronic illness (underlying condition) with the highest risk level.
If you belong to this risk group, you must have confirmation from your GP or attending physician. Please do not send us any documents (medical records, discharge reports, etc.). These will be deleted due to data privacy regulations.

If you are in one of these two target groups and meet the residency requirement, you can register here and join a waiting list. To register, you must have a mobile phone number. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can use someone else’s mobile phone (e.g. a family member, friend, carer or neighbour). Only those who do not have a mobile phone number should register by calling 0800 555 655. 


How to register:

Anleitung zur Anmeldung Impfzentrum Basel-Stadt (PDF)

When you attend your first and second vaccination appointments, please bring the following full documents:

  • Swiss health insurance card 
  • Identity card or passport 
  • Vaccination record (if you have one) 

If you have any issues with registration or the vaccination appointment, or if you need any other support, please call us on the following toll-free number: 0800 555 655. You can also visit our Q&A page or send us your questions by email: info@coronaimpfzentrumbasel.ch (please note, we do not give appointments by email or phone).

Before your visit to the vaccination centre in Hall 4 of the Congress Center Basel (Messeplatz 21), please read through the following documents:

Coronavirus and vaccination factsheet
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 161.8 KB

You can also register for the myCOVIDvac electronic vaccination record. Registration is voluntary. More information is available here.

information myCOVIDvac
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 525.4 KB


  • The vaccination comprises two separate doses, and you will receive both appointments by SMS. The second dose will be given after approx. four weeks. You will have full protection about a week after the second dose.
  • Please do not come to your vaccination appointment if you have any of the following symptoms: Fever/feeling feverish, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, or are feeling unwell. If you cannot keep your appointment, please use the link you were sent to cancel it. In this case, you will have to log in again. Someone on the waiting list will then be offered your appointment.
  • When you register at the vaccination centre, your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer.  
  • On the day, please bring your health insurance card and your identity card/passport. This will enable us to verify your place of residence. If you do not bring these documents, you cannot be vaccinated. 

The vaccination centre is run by Meconex. In addition to the medical staff who administer the vaccination, a doctor will also be available to answer your questions.  


You can also contact us by email in advance with any questions: 


Congress Center Basel,
Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel

Tel. 0800 555 655

(gratis, nur für Registrierung per Telefon)